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Kalgi and Sehra: The Glittering Traditions of Indian Weddings

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Indian weddings are known for their opulence, cultural diversity, and rich traditions. Among the many customs that make these weddings unique are the Sehra and Kalgi, two ornamental accessories that hold profound significance in the groom’s attire. In this article, we’ll explore the elegance and tradition behind the Sehra and Kalgi, shedding light on their importance in Indian matrimonial celebrations.

Sehra: The Mystical Veil

The Sehra is a splendid and symbolic adornment worn by the groom during the wedding ceremony. It is a veil made of strings of flowers, pearls, or beads that conceals the groom’s face before he meets his bride. The Sehra is not just a decorative piece; it carries deep cultural and traditional meaning.

  • Symbolism: The Sehra symbolizes modesty and humility in the groom, as he lowers his gaze while approaching his future wife. It also signifies the groom’s readiness to protect his bride from evil and negativity.
  • Protection: Historically, the Sehra was believed to protect the groom from the evil eye and any harm that may come his way. It was thought to ward off negative energies and ensure a smooth transition into married life.
  • Blessings: As the Sehra is tied to the groom’s turban, it is often seen as a conduit for blessings from elders and well-wishers. It is a moment when family members pray for the groom’s prosperous and happy future.

Kalgi: The Royal Plume

The Kalgi is another exquisite ornament that graces the groom’s turban. It is a jeweled, feathered brooch that adds regal splendor to the groom’s ensemble. The Kalgi holds its own unique significance in Indian weddings.

  • Symbol of Royalty: Historically, the Kalgi was worn by kings and royalty. Its presence on the groom’s turban symbolizes his status as the king of his new family and his commitment to taking care of his bride like a king.
  • Elegance: Kalgi is an embodiment of elegance and style. It not only adds charm to the groom’s attire but also draws attention to his regal bearing and charisma.
  • Family Heritage: In some families, the Kalgi is a treasured heirloom passed down through generations. Its presence on the groom’s turban signifies the continuity of tradition and the importance of family heritage.

The Ceremony: Tying the Sehra and Kalgi

The Sehra and Kalgi are not just accessories but integral parts of a sacred ceremony during the wedding. This ceremony, known as the “Sehra Bandi,” involves the groom’s family members, particularly the sisters and close relatives. They lovingly tie the Sehra to the groom’s face and pin the Kalgi onto his turban while offering blessings and good wishes.

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