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Ritvi Bridal Chura

Significance of the bridal chura

I don’t know about you, but when I hear someone say a punjabi wedding, the first thing that clicks my mind is the bridal Chura. A Punjabi wedding is totally incomplete without the traditional Chura.  For some people it may just be a set of bangles, but for most of the brides, their Chura is the most special and emotional token of love in their wedding.

The Chura is known to be originated in Punjab, but nowadays it has become popular worldwide. It is something the bride cherishes  in her lives forever. But in simple words, Chura is basically a set of bangles, traditionally red and white worn by a bride on her wedding day, and even after that. The bride can wear the Chura for as long as she wants. Mostly women prefer to wear Te Chura for six months to 1 year on an average. But there are many brides who wear it for longer. It is completely up to the bride for how long she wants the Chura on her hands. Bride’s Chura is said to bring good luck to the newlywed couple. Some say, it also strengthens the bond between the bride and the groom. It brings fertility, fortune and lots of happiness in the newly wedded couple’s lives. Nothing compares to the beauty of a bride in a traditional chura. It also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the bride’s life. Her Chura reminds her of the memories that she’s left behind other parent’s house and she definitely cherishes it lifelong.

The Chura ceremony:

The bridal Chura is not only special for the brides, but also her family and friends who are giving away their beloved daughter. The Chura is usually gifted by the bride’s mother’s family on her wedding day. A separate ceremony called the Chura ceremony is held before the wedding or on the wedding day. In the ceremony, the bride’s maternal uncle and aunt give the chura to the bride along with abundant blessings. Before the Chura is worn by the bride, its cleansed in a mixture of milk and water with rose petals and then worn by the bride. The ceremony is full of emotions and happy tears. It’s extremely difficult for the bride’s family to send away their daughter. The ceremony is extremely auspicious yet full of mixed emotions.


The traditional Chura is red and white and color. It can be replaced by any other color but usually the traditional has been to include these two colors. Nowadays the Chura is available in a variety of colors like pink, blue, white and green. It can also be paired with fancy embellished bangles, but the most common is the bhanwari dot bangles which is white in color and has red and green dots on it. The number of angles totally depends on the choice of the bride. It can vary from as less as nine bangles to as much as thirty bangles on one hand.

Where to buy:

A huge variety of chura’s are now available in store and online too. There are many brands that are shifting to online market post lockdown. Buying genuine and good quality chura online can be hard but we have it sorted for you. Buy amazing bridal chura from They are a trusted website and provide all types of bridal chura and other ornamented bangles.

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